Human Waves






To the coordinators



This is a message for those new pioneers

that could change the World.



We will soon be in front of a junction

and the people will have just a short time to change Direction.


We are living the phases of an international plot organized by the Zionists governments of USA, UK and Israel. These reflect the will of their elite and are not to be confused with the people of Jewish faith who instead have no responsibility for this Plan.


Expect in the next future:

The collapse of the financial system, at first in Europe then everywhere.

The voice of Israel to become more and more arrogant and threatening.

False flags and acts of terror.

Revolutions all over the World.


At that point, the Zionist Plan foresees:

A surprise US attack that will threaten a third World War.

Poverty and chaos to bring ungovernability in all Countries.


Then, there will be a voice that will promise to fix all and everything.

That will be the forked tongue of the New World Order,

a worldwide dictatorship with Israel at its top.


The hope is that you become aware and think well in advance, independently, about what may be best for you and your children. Surely, the next events will drastically change the life of everyone.


To become aware you should observe the events without any consideration for the interpretations of the media.

You should believe your own eyes and stop listening to that false propaganda that in the end will not be your friend.

The mass media have made many people believe that there are no conspiracies and have indoctrinated the public opinion.


Besides all that,

the many ongoing wars instigated around the World, global warming and a perverted economic system (Federal Reserve) had put at serious risk the future of the Planet and that of the next generations.


Humanity and the Planet need as soon as possible a new direction

but surely this will never be brought forward by the politicians.


That new direction, that Path, will have some well defined features.

It will start with a Revolution on a worldwide scale, triggered simultaneously in many Countries, with a strategic timing.

When rebellions and turmoils will thunder all over the World, including USA and UK, at that point the Last Revolution will already have to be coordinated between many Countries.

It will have to begin suddenly with the simultaneous and uninterrupted strikes of all working activities and services.These strikes would take place everywhere and to the bitter end. Following the complete paralysis, worldwide referendums would have to be soon organized to vote new laws, one at the time, elected by the majority with the simple answer of a yes or a no to each proposal.

These new laws will bring new values to a new Humankind.

Those days will also mark the birth of direct Democracy.


The revolutions should be simultaneous, and previously coordinated, because no Country could ever have an independent national revolution of its own and be successful for its own people.

Any revolution would be immediately suppressed by the military and economic power of the Zionists (in the name of a presumed Democracy) and a new dictator imposed in that Country to favor the same Zionists. The New World Order will in fact be made of many dictators, one for each Country, all at the service of Israel and of the Zionists elites.


To derail the Zionist Plan there is one only Path.


Notwithstanding the strong nationalist tendencies existing in many States, the whole Planet must become one single Country.


The Last Revolution will have to be defined only Pro or Against Equality (according to a new and clear concept of Equality) without distinction for Religion, races or Countries of origin.

Any sort of division would only favor the Zionists that adopt the strategy "Divide and Conquer".


Better not to watch anymore the news on TV or movies from Hollywood. They are all part of the Zionist propaganda.

Instead, use your time to get informed from alternative sources.

Since ignorance and misinformation are beneficial for the Zionists it becomes then a duty of a new Humanity to be informed

for the survival of all and welfare of the Planet.


The only two alternatives will be a worldwide Dictatorship

or a World governed by direct Democracy.


There is no third possibility just like it will not be possible to continue with the same status quo which is unsustainable.


Willing or unwilling everyone of us is already part of one of those two groups but many still do not know it.



Spread the word and awaken your neighbor.




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